Saturday, April 28, 2012

The Way Things Were.....

Day Two - Cherub meeting her 3 year old sister for the first time.
Nearly 4 and a half years ago our little Cherub arrived early. Not spontaneously though, I was induced at 30 weeks gestation due to severe Preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome.
I was pretty sick and if she hadn't come out early she would have died and possibly I would have too.
Having a premature baby is a journey that one can never truly understand unless one has traveled that road, and everyone's journey is so different.
When we were going through the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) experience we had so many friends and family throughout the world sending their love, positive vibes and prayers from the believers. I have always firmly believed that all that positive energy targeted at Cherubs spirit was what energised her enough to do as well as she did, despite her gestational age, birth weight and enduring constant exhausting medical procedures. Even putting an IV line into tiny premature veins is exhausting for these babies as the physical rubber gloved contact and pain is so stimulating to their fragile nervous systems.
At that time DH put together this blog to keep everyone updated on Cherubs progress. I just wanted to link it into this blog now as a way of unifying the past and present.
Cherub age 4yrs as flower girl at our wedding

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