Saturday, April 28, 2012

Giving out to my addictions

I'm addicted to sweet stuff there is no two ways of 'sugar coating' this fact (pun intended). I can't resist something sweet in the evenings and any time I need a snack I'd easily pick sweet over savoury.
I'm not overweight but sugar can affect health status in so many ways, mostly related to metabolic hormones and reproductive hormones.
Recently I read Joshua Beckers book "Inside-Out Simplicity" (he blogs at Becoming Minimalist). Within this insightful book he talks about overcoming addictions and defines them as "anything that would be difficult to give up for the next 30 days". So I have decided to "give up added sugar" for the next 30 days.

My definition of giving up added sugar is this:
* adding sugar, honey, syrup etc to anything that I eat
* sweet treats, sugary snack foods, sweet baking
* non real fruit juice, lemonade or milo/drinking chocolate

The 'Hannah' Rules:
I'm not going to stress about a bit of sugar in a stir fry sauce if I am making a lazy tea.
I don't drink coffee but if I do go out to a cafe with a friend I would normally order a soy hot chocolate....that's gone :( even though I hate paying ridiculous amounts of money for a herb tea bag and hot water!
I will still make my own sweetened yoghurt though, and dried fruit in other things is fine (i.e. low GI fruit bread), but not handfuls of dried fruits

Day two - and it's going easier than I thought, apart from porridge with nothing sweet in it.
Canned fruit will be added next time - canned in juice not syrup, although technically there is sugar in it.
I'm exhausted today, not sure if it was from interrupted sleep or sugar detox. Will sleep soundly tonight and hope that tomorrow brings more energy.

I'll keep you posted on my progress, hopefully it will all be positive progress: in the meantime (in the words of Joshua Becker) "See if you can fill in this blank, I could never give up ______________ for the next 30 days!"

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