Saturday, June 18, 2011

Television Timesucker

Darling Hubby (to be) and I were watching tv last night - our Saturday night wind down ritual after the kids are put to bed (time-wasting I know!) and an advert came on about New Zealand tv going digital. We are a rare household, we don't have sky tv (New Zealand's version of cable) and we haven't gotten around to getting freeview (free to air digital tv that requires purchasing decoder box) because we haven't bought a freeview box.
Our tv is freeview capable, so it is just a matter of getting a freeview decoder box.
Anyway, we saw this ad and Darling Hubby (to be) said, "We will need to get a freeview box."
I thought about it and said, "or we could just not get one and not have tv."
We have at times in our past not had tv before and we've loved it. Times when the tv aerial plugs have been in an awkward place in the walls of houses we have lived in so we haven't put the tv there or times when we've lived in houses with spare rooms and we've set the tv up in the spare room with surround sound for movies, creating our own home theatre.
Now that our children are a bit older I wonder if we'd 'cope' without tv. Deep down I know we would, but would we be able to stand the protests and the early morning entrances into our bedroom. Because I have to admit - right now we get a bit lazy in the weekends and let the girls get up early, turn the tv on and watch it, wrapped up in blankets on the couch whilst we sleep in. LAZY!
I checked out the local website and our area of New Zealand isn't going digital until 28th April 2013 at 2am - so we have plenty of time to brace ourselves for the change....either to digital or to no tv.
In the meantime we will brace ourselves to try our bestest not to get sucked into the advertising, marketing and hype. Not to mention the store specials selling freeview decoder boxes. The Story of Stuff Project sums this phenomena of obsolete-ness up nicely. When manufacturing companies build obsolete parts into their products, which encourages us to buy into the next and latest model or fad that they bring out.
Do I have the will power? What do you think?

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