Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Humble Washcloth

As part of my series on eliminating chemicals from your skincare routines, I would like to address the concept of exfoliants.
Exfoliants for face, exfoliants for body, exfoliants for elbows, knees and feet......why?

Our bodies are constantly making new skin cells, and as it does the older skin cells get pushed up to the surface of our skin where they are prone to drying out, dying and therefore flaking off. Exfoliants help to remove these dead skin cells. If left on our skin they can build up and cause our skin to look dull and lifeless.

But why do we get sucked into the marketing hype? Probably because it is constant hype (if you hear something enough you start to believe it!).

Often when looking at how to live a more natural existence I look back to what our forebears did....back in a time before nasty chemicals were combined into the modern chemical cocktails of today.
Back in that time they used washcloths (facecloths, flannels) for washing with everyday. Lather up the soap and wash with a washcloth - it's a gentle and regular exfoliant, it's reusable, doesn't come with extra packaging nor flamboyant excessive marketing.
And if you need more than a washcloth on your really dry skin, like elbows, knees and heels try this luxurious body scrub recipe.
Happy Scrubbing.

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