Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sugar Body Polish Recipe

"Sugar Body Polish - ready to use"
Simple Sugar Body Polish
Take a glass jar (preferably brown or blue glass) and fill with sugar two centimeters from the top.
Pour in a cold pressed body oil (almond, jojoba) scented with your favourite essential oils, until sugar is completely coated and the mixture appears creamy.
Add three teaspoons of runny honey. Use a fork to blend it in until it becomes slightly thick.
For a thinner consistency add less honey and more oil
For a thicker consistency add more sugar and less honey.

Label with instructions to massage onto wet skin (in the shower with the water off is ideal), use firm circular strokes, especially on tough dry skin. Avoid sensitive or broken skin. Once skin feels vibrant and fresh - wash off in warm water, you won't need soap. Apply body oil straight after the shower, into wet skin, to trap in moisture.

Caution to users it will make the floor of the shower very slipper - so be very careful.

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